Anonymous asked:

Don't be sad about your chocolate binge. It wasn't a huge deal! It wont matter trust me :) Maybe instead of resisting urges completley buy a small bar of dark chocolate a have a square or two with some fruit to satisfy the craving! You can't cut it out forever :) good luck on your journey!

Thanks! I never cut it out completely & I do try to snack on dark if I need to Green & Blacks Organic 85% to be precise) but I find it really hard to just have a small bit! Which is why I don’t have it in the house! I’m just one of those people that are all or nothing! Unless I feel really sick I end up eating the entire bar! It just sucks coz I’m at an all day festival (partly food festival) and a baby shower on this weekend so I know I’ll end up eating badly then & I had such high hopes in terms of progress for this week!

Thanks for your encouragement though! Tumblr defiantly makes me feel more responsible and in control sometimes!

So angry at myself right now!

I’ve been really good for the last few weeks! No slip ups at all! Been almost perfect this week! Then today; well I was great until this evening and my gym class was cancelled and then I binged on chocolate! What makes it worse is I don’t have chocolate in the house, so I actually made the effort to go to the shop to buy it! All the way through I had conflicting thoughts of “you’ll regret this” and “but I really want it - I’m here now”; obviously the latter won and now, as predicted, I’m regretting it :( I’m usually so good as resisting the urge to binge! All I can do now is make sure tomorrow is better! I’ve planned it all out; scrambled egg for breakfast, sushi and a satsuma for lunch, a raw fruit and nut bar snack and home made veg soup for dinner! With lots of water & green tea!

What a week

Well, two really! I’ve literally not had a minute to myself, I’ve been getting up going to work, going straight to the gym after work, getting home having a shower/dinner & then taking the dog for a walk! Phew, finally the weekend and I can relax! Hopefully more time for blogging!!